Can anyone hear the jingle of bells?

Can anyone hear the jingle of bells?

Can anyone hear the jingle of bells? I’m not talking about tinnitus, but the sleigh bells of one big old chap who comes to visit every year, roughly around the same time, dressed in red with a white beard. No, not your granddad or uncle… I'm talking about Santa!

Life is becoming continually more expensive and we’re all looking for different ways to save. With the RBA’s decision to increase interest rates in November and cost of living showing no signs of easing, how is anyone going to afford Christmas?

Here are some suggestions we’ve found helpful:

  • Using the 7-Eleven app to lock the fuel price on the cheapest day.
  • Checking out the online catalogues for Aldi, Coles, Woolworths to see who has what on sale (yes, little time consuming but at this stage any saving is a good saving).
  • Making your morning coffee and taking it to the office, rather than buying.
  • Take lunch to work, grab a few items from the supermarket which can be used over several days like toasted sandwiches, noodles, wraps etc.
  • Google search retail purchases to see if you can get the item cheaper online or at a specific shop.
  • Look out for cheap deals, like Domino’s half-price Tuesdays and pick-up (super quick and super cheap).
  • I would suggest drinking at home but if you have a heavy pour, perhaps looking for the “happy hours” are better value (always in moderation).
  • Check out the Salvo stores, you’d be surprised what you can find there and they often have a section with brand new items for Christmas, such as decorations, gift packs, candles etc.
  • If you are creative and have a special talent try making your Christmas gifts and cards.

What about Christmas Day?

  • Each family or household bring a plate (full of food, obviously)
  • Everyone enjoys comfort but try setting the air con to 24 degrees so it doesn’t work so hard, drinking all the energy juice (that stuff is getting expensive, if you got solar go for gold with arctic conditions)
  • If you’re drinking, bring your own drinks (share your Christmas spirits with the host)

We’d love to hear your thoughts and what works for you!

Posted in Money Musings on Monday 4th December, 2023